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music for theatre, TV and film

Composition, Arrangements                 Orchestration

Musical Director


 Pianist , Keyboards, Vocal Coach

Studio Production

Jon’s work over 30 years as musical director, pianist, arranger, composer and in studio production embraces classical, jazz and pop through the widely diverse range of music for stage, TV and film productions.

Based in Hamburg, Jon’s music is released world wide through several music publishers and commissioned for concerts, media and live events. With an ever growing network of musicians, singers and dancers from western and eastern cultures, it's possible to bring together a complete spectrum of talents for all types of projects.

As an accomplished pianist, choir director and vocal coach, Jon has taught in musical schools for professional performance and for workshops, master classes and theatre projects. Encouraging the development of the musical talents in young and older performers  definitely plays an important and rewarding part of the creative process.

A Musical with a fresh score and lush orchestration by Jon Mortimer. Maui Evening Post (The Garden Behind The Moon)

Excellent also are the Arrangements written Musical Director Jon Mortimer.  

Musicals Magazine

The Musical Director Jon Mortimer was obviously enjoying himself and brought the musicians to the highest level.  

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